Auf unseren Fotoseiten für 2011 und 2012 unsere Erinnerungen in Wort und Bild gezeigt. Alles, was danach kommt, findet ihr auf den Seiten unseres Blogs.

Oma und Opa mit Enkel Vivien im September 2004

Hier zu sehen sind Oma und Opa mit Vivien im September 2004.


Alexander Gerst  

Alexander Gerst's Horizons Blog

Alexander Gerst's Horizons Blog
  • Preparing for the unknown
    How do you prepare for the things you don’t know? That’s right – it’s tricky. And it’s one of the fundamental problems of space flight. With projects like the International Space Station (ISS), in 20 years of operation, we have gained a knowledge base that is large enough to prepare [...]
  • Cave life for space
    Before I realised it, the cave clamped down on me. A completely different world surrounded me, absorbing all my attention. This was not a simulation, but real exploration in a hostile environment dominated by darkness. Darkness was my steady companion during the six days of underground life with ESA’s CAVES [...]
  • Meet the cavenaut Alexander Gerst
    ESA astronaut Alexander Gerst has spent over 5700 sunrises and sunsets in space, yet he has never been more than a day in the total darkness of a cave on Earth. “I have been to several caves for small trips, but I haven’t really spent a long time in them. [...]
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